Model Making Tips


Taking Control

Remote controller, transmitter, radio controller, whatever you call them they are core to the enjoyment of any model. So what are they and how do

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Receiving loud and clear!

One essential part of your model ships fittings is the receiver, which takes the radio waves from your transmitter and converts them into electronic signals

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Speed and Power

So what are they and how do they work? First there was the mechanical variable-resistance speed controllers, operated by a standard servo, which controlled the

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Rudder push rod

Rudder Linkage

For high performance sailing yachts and power boats, I’d recommend using ball links in all link joints. Ball links are commonly used by the RC

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Fitting the props

Installing the Propshafts

The propeller tube should be the first thing to fit into the model, and using the plans / instructions it’s time to get the ruler out and start marking up the hull.

It is wise double check that any such markings are correct otherwise things may not function correctly when installed, as the old saying goes “measure twice, cut once”.

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