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To cool or not to cool, that is the question

Water cooling a model ships electric motor can help improve the operation of the motor, and even the other electronic components within the model.

Do you need this system in every model?
Well that’s down to the individual modellers discretion, and the type of model ship.

If you have a fast running boat such as a power boat or fast patrol model, then this is much more of a requirement than say a slower model for example a battleship. The reason for the use of such systems is to reduce the heat generated when running one or more motors at full speed.

So how does it work?
The components are wrapped with coils of aluminium tubing or custom made jackets, and these are connected with flexible tubing to a water pickup at the bottom of the hull.

As the boat moves forwards, water is forced into the pickup and through the coils to provide conductive cooling of components.

The water flows back out of the model via a small port just above the waterline.

water scoop
Water scoop and outlet parts

If water cooling is planned for slower moving models then the addition of a water pump may be required to aid constant flow of water.

This is just a basic guide to water cooling, and I would recommend further research as to which is the best type for your model boat.

water cooling system
Close-up of a basic water cooling system, using a copper tube wrapped around the motor.