Our Design Process

Our design process follows three simple steps: concept, design, and finally production.
I am always on the lookout for interesting architectural, industrial and transport related items, and have an ever-growing collection of photographs, that I intend to turn into model kits.

3D rendered image of a CAD designed part
3D rendered image of a CAD designed part

Where possible after some research I turn the photographs into 3D plans using a CAD program, and once I am happy with the overall look and feel to the design I send these to my 3D printer to make the first sample parts of the kit.  I can test fit the parts together and make any changes at this stage before adding the fine textures to the model parts.

The final stage is to produce the moulds and hand cast the parts in resin, from which I will make a couple of the kits up to ensure the detail and fit is correct. Also the build is photographed at all stages as this allows me to use the images in the plans, which I believe will assist the modeller build the kit.

With all resin cast parts there will always be a small amount of shrinkage and where possible we try to build in a small amount of overlap between parts. This does mean you may need to undertake a small amount of dry fitting of parts prior to construction, but at this stage it does save time later trying to correct errors in the final kit using fillers that can cause loss of detail.