Quaycraft Environmental Policy

At Quaycraft we aim to do our part to reduce waste and save energy, which in turn helps save you the customer money too.

Product and Postage Packing
We do not use any form of retail packaging as we do not sell via retail outlets, and it helps reduce your waste too. In addition to this we use recycled materials for packing order and shipping to you, and hence why you may receive your order in a box that had been sent to us. Also I have a number of local suppliers here that save their waste packing, and rather than taking it to the local waste centre they offer it to the public for free.

Electrical Supply
We try to use as little electric where possible, and have recently installed a solar PV system to our property to reduce the cost further.

We are using the collection service that Royal Mail now offer, this does have one slight down fall which means in some cases a delay of an extra day. Most importantly if reduces our fuel cost and time to take the orders to our local sorting office point.

With all these processes in place it does mean that we can keep the cost down for all our customers.